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Main Gallery

A collection of artwork completed during spare time as a product of boredom and interest. A subset of these are typically offered as prints for sale!

Chihayafuru - Snowy Memories
Chihayafuru - The Yoshino Tournament
Chihayafuru - Kimono Fitting
Sangatsu no Lion - Girl's Day
Sangatsu no Lion - Training Shimada
Sangatsu no Lion - To March Town
Land of the Lustrous - Of The Moon
Witch Hat Atelier - Qifrey's Apprentices
Romeo's Blue Skies
Logh - Caretaker
Lotgh - The Conqueror
Lotgh - Iserlohn Matadors
Logh - Yang Family
Fruits Basket - Tohru
Sangatsu no Lion - Ladybug Bush final edit
Original - The Cloud Shaper RGB
DGS - Afternoon Tea
DGS - Tap Dance of Deduction
FE Astrology Zine - Felix
FE3H Deity Bernadetta
FE3H Deity Ashe
FE3H Gothic Horror Zine - Ignatz
Sylvgrid zine rgb
Tokyo Revengers - Mikey and Draken
Genshin Impact - Exorcism Rock 'n Roll
Genshin Impact - Osmanthus Wine
Genshin Impact - Adepti
Genshin Impact - Winter in Liyue
FE3H - To Battle
FE3H - Marianne
FE3H - The Legacy
FE3H - Autumn Claude
TGCF - Unsolicited Lessons
TGCF - Black Water
TGCF - Building Golden Towers
TGCF - Cracked Capital
TGCF - Charioteer
TGCF - Pet Eming
TGCF - Ghost City
TGCF - Third Wheeling
TGCF - Night at Puyi
TGCF - Lingwen
TGCF - Temple Conflict
Yuzuru Hanyu - Seimei
Original - The Cormorant Fisher
Kunqu Opera
Dororo FINAL smaller
MDZS - Gusulan Tea FINAL smaller
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